Why Western Men Fall for Russian brides

Beautiful Russian brides captivate more men than they ever did before. More importantly, Western bachelors seem to lose their head over these mysterious women — so much so that many of them would prefer marrying one of the hot Russian women they meet online rather than settle down with one of their local matches. This phenomenon, however, has a perfectly reasonable explanation — Russians make better wives than the majority of Western women could ever hope to become. They are more caring, less selfish, and they always prioritize homes and families over careers and personal interests.

Sounds too good to be true? Log in to any reputable dating agency and see for yourself. Within a couple of months, you’ll get that Russian women for marriage are some of the best treasures a single man can hope to find. If you’re not convinced yet, read on — we will list some stats about the advantages of international online dating, teach you how to choose a reliable dating website, but most importantly, we will answer the most pressing question — do Russian women make good wives?

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Why do hot Russian brides make such excellent wives?

The first thing you’ll notice about Russian brides is their exquisite beauty. Part of it they own to their genetics, but they do not stop at that.  From an early age, Russian girls are taught to empathize the benefits nature has given to them while eliminating (or reducing) any blemishes that inevitably come with that. Simply put, they are not relying on genetics alone. They start exercising when they are young, invest a lot into facial and body care, and they always make sure to have appropriate clothes for each occasion. Even at home, they do not stick to shabby robes — not only when they have a husband but also when they live alone.

Still, self-care, good looks, regular exercise — all of those are on the surface. Dating a beautiful woman is not the same as marrying one, so let’s take a ‘behind the scenes’ look into what your marriage with a lovely Russian bride may be.

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No one can rival them in running a household

Russian women brides can change your idea of a well-kept house. They are truly astonishing homemakers, and that involves plenty of things — from keeping their homes clean and tidy to cooking delicious meals any bachelor will appreciate. Speaking of cooking, it’s always a matter of passion for them, and very few Russian women stick to the recipes they can get by the book. Instead, they experiment with ingredients, making sure their old dishes always have a new touch to them. They may not cook professionally, but most chefs would envy their results.

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They are unparalleled in raising children

One of the best things about Russian brides is their parenting skills. These women turn out to be the best of mothers when they have kids of their own, but even if you already have children from previous marriages, you can still count on your new bride’s respect and affection to the step-children. If we had to sum up Russian women’s parenting technique, we’d say that they raise children to become responsible adults. This, first of all, means that mothers are not overly protective or authoritative. They rely on explanations and reasoning rather than on rules and restrictions. For many men, such an attitude to parenting is already reason enough to join the Russian brides club in search of a perfect wife.

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They are energetic and hard-working

Russian mail order wives have tons of energy, which allows them to easily combine parenting, household chores, and at least a part-time job. Of course, when your new bride relocates, it may take her some time before she can land a decent job. In the meantime, you can stay confident that she will be fine-tuning any professional skills she needs to get employed.

On the other hand, some mail order Russian brides would rather stay at home and focus on their families. So, if you are looking for women who would take care of the traditionally female roles while you do all the breadwinning, this is also a negotiable option. In fact, many single Russian women choose to marry abroad or remain single in their home country because Russian culture implies that a lady should make her own living, while still taking care of her feminine chores. Most brides have no problem with that — but some of them do. So, make sure you define those issues when you chat with Russian women online — it may be highly important for your family happiness.

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They are a pleasure to be around

Even if you only get to date Russian women, without marrying one of them, you will still notice how pleasant they are to be around. They have an excellent sense of humor, a critical mind, and exquisite manners. They are the real ladies most men are dreaming of, but at the same time, Russian wives are tougher than they look. Most of them have the kind of emotional strength men are looking for in a woman. A wife like this could literally be your rock — no matter what life may have in store for you. Easy-going, yet serious; cheerful, yet not silly; hard-working, yet not boring — what else could a man possibly want from a wife?

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Mainstream dating sites vs. Russian mail order brides agency

We believe you must already be interested in meeting Russian brides online, but the question is — where precisely do you find them? Chances are, you’ve already used a couple of dating apps before, and you might have stumbled upon an international dating website or two. So, do you look for a similar platform that runs in Russia? Well, yes and no.

There is a key difference between a mainstream dating site and a Russian mail order brides agency. Even though they may seem pretty much the same on the face of it (logic, site navigation, the scope of services, etc.), mainstream dating services hardly ever verify their user identities. At the very least, they make identity verification an optional procedure. Professional brides sites, on the contrary, emphasize protection from any form of online fraud. So, most ladies who want to register with such websites will have to personally attend one of the company’s local offices for an interview and an ID verification. If there is no local office available in the lady’s town, then (and only then) she can verify her ID over a live video call.

Such verification procedure is designed to shield eligible bachelors from fraud, but it does not mean the agencies favor male clients and discriminate the ladies. Simply put, you should not imagine that you can buy a Russian bride — that’s not how things work on reputable websites. All users are absolutely free in their choice of a perfect match; still, dating services invest a lot of effort into eliminating any ill-intended or fake profiles. No offense meant, but lonely bachelors tend to be more gullible than lonely ladies, which is why most platforms will even run occasional checks to ensure none of the ladies’ profiles switched hands.

Different approaches to online security result in different approaches to pricing. While some mainstream dating services may be free of charge, reliable brides sites always charge clients for communication. Communication, however, is the only thing you are expected to pay for. Signup and profile browsing should be free of charge.

Also, note that there may be some differences in prices and overall billing logic from one website to another. Most sites that can introduce you to beautiful Russian women run on regular subscriptions. So, you pick a service plan that has all the features you need and you pay for it, fixed price. The longer you subscribe for, the less you pay for each month. So, it would be wise to subscribe for one month (for a start), and if everything is OK, continue using the service for another six months or a year. Actually, a year would be even better because an annual subscription has the lowest per-month ratio, and most gentlemen need from 10 to 14 months to find their perfect brides.

Another option would be to join a dating website that does not feature any subscriptions but bills clients for every feature they use. Once again, this could be an option when you are just starting out; in reality, paying for features in bulk is often cheaper than paying for every perk separately. Unfortunately, it’s often ‘either-or’: either a fixed-price subscription or a per-service plan; very few companies out there use a mixed approach that allows them to combine the benefits of each payment plan. But, if you do find a site that charges a fixed price for communication and additional price for any extra services, we strongly suggest you go with it. So far, this the ultimate and the fairest pricing logic in the online dating niche.

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Additional perks to watch out for when choosing a site

Of course, if you join a dating website that charges for communication, you expect a bit more than security. While in practice, regular background checks and profile verification are already reason enough to join a commercial service, subconsciously we still want more from a dating app. The good news is that site owners understand this and are quite willing to provide extra features most clients should appreciate. We suggest looking for platforms that guarantee the following perks:

  • Local gift delivery: when you date Russian women online, it’s not always easy to show your affection. However, small tokens like candy or flowers can easily be delivered to your lady via a local agency, and we suggest you choose platforms that can ensure such delivery. When you find someone special, you will appreciate this little feature.
  • Message translation: you may not need this perk because most single Russian women looking for a man abroad have at least some basic English skills. On the other hand, not all of them are fluent, so you cannot take possible misunderstandings off the count. The majority of sites can provide automatic translation as one of their fixed-plan features. Some may offer a chance to hire a human translator for some of your correspondence.
  • Travel assistance: it’s very unlikely that you would want to marry a woman you’ve never met in person. It is, however, more than likely that you would want to visit several ladies before making any decisions. Some agencies may help you plan such a trip — they will come up with the best itinerary to meet your potential matches. They may even book flights and accommodation for you on request.
  • Legal help: if you finally fall for one of the beautiful Russian brides and pop the question, it may also be possible to delegate some legal paperwork to the agency. At the very least, you can count on a professional legal consultation, but some services go as far as to help new couples submit all documents to the groom’s embassy.
  • Cultural blogs and advice: it’s not that easy to impress hot Russian brides, especially if you know nothing about their culture and traditions. So, it could be a good idea to look for a platform that provides materials on this subject. This, however, is a very optional step because you can always apply some extra effort and do the research yourself.

Bottom line, finding a reputable dating agency is not that difficult, and paying for its services is not as expensive as some men think. Very few platforms would charge their clients more than $50 a month for communication, and if you use a subscription-based service, you can make this amount even lower when you subscribe for more than one month. Of course, online dating presupposes that you will eventually visit your lady in Russia, which is associated with more expenses. Still, most men find that dating websites actually help to save a lot of money on traditional dates, and any travel and visa expenses they face after finding a match are nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness with one of the stunning Russian brides.


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