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At some point, single life loses all the excitement. All-night-long parties and brief romances lead to boredom and disappointment, and there comes this point when one starts looking for a life partner. Somehow, society would have us believe that it’s women who are primarily interested in marriage. Still, any man tired of being single should realize by now: most ladies in the West are in no rush to say their marriage vows. Instead, they choose to focus on whatever things that make them happy: from career-building to charity work.

That is exactly why more and more men from the West turn their gaze aboard. Luckily, online dating can bring many lonely hearts together. So, sticking to your local matches whenever you set your mind on getting married is no longer necessary. More than that — if you hope to build a traditional nuclear family, it may be a better idea to look for a perfect wife outside your cultural environment.

The world is big, and plenty of single women in developing countries may share your traditional family mindset. Usually, you can find such matches on international mail order brides websites. Tempted to give those a try? Find out how these services work, why it’s a good idea to look for a wife abroad, and how to choose a dating agency that will not disappoint you.

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Mail order brides sites: how are they different?

An inexperienced user will not see any difference between a mail order brides service any other international dating platform. Those who have used mainstream dating sites, on the other hand, will plainly see that brides platforms have a huge competitive advantage.

A mainstream site will welcome all users, regardless of their relationship goals and sexual orientation. A brides service is way more selective, and it caters to bringing heterosexual couples together. Next, a platform like will usually welcome people who are seriously intent on getting married. So, using such a platform already saves you some time, filtering out people who just want to hook up.

Such an attitude to targeting and selecting a carefully filtered out user database is one of the most important differences that make bridal platforms stand out. However, there is more. Bride sites take user security with all seriousness, so they always verify their brides’ identities before allowing women to join their service. With men, the procedure is usually less strict — however, verifying your profile is still an option for men, and we suggest you make use of it. This will give your profile more credibility and — often — a boost in the database search results.

As for potential drawbacks, you should know that absolutely all mail order brides services are paid platforms. We, however, believe it to be another advantage. Why? Well, for starters, the fees are not that high — $30 a month should be enough to cover unlimited communication with hundreds of beautiful matches. Second, paying for online communication acts as another filter, helping to weed out users who are not that serious in their intentions.

Finally, you may be wondering about women who join these sites. You may have heard stories about online scam — and you would be wise to mind them. Still, when using a paid dating service with a verified user database, the chances of getting scammed are ridiculously low. So, you should not get paranoid — not all beautiful women online are gold-digging opportunists. Most of the time, their reasons for joining a marriage service are not that different from yours: disappointment in the local matches, adventurous spirit, lack of time for traditional dating, etc. There can be other, purely local, criteria as well. So, read on — we will cover those in the paragraphs below.

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Popular places to search for prospective matches

Technically, you can find a marriage service that caters to any country of the world — no matter how small or far-away this country may be. Still, the following regions are somewhat more popular than the others.

Latin America: this is the top destination for US grooms because men are more or less familiar with the culture. And, more importantly, they know how stunningly beautiful Latin brides are. Note that you can find websites that deal with Latin brides in general. Or, you could focus your attention on just one country in this region. Here, most bachelors seem to favor Brazil. For starters, it’s one of the most populated countries in the Latin American region. Second, its women are considered the most passionate ones. And who doesn’t like that?

Another bonus of marrying a Latin bride is that very few of them are interested in your Green Card — differently from what most men would assume. One of the most widespread reasons why Latin girls register with a dating service is family abuse. Sadly, Latin men are still prejudiced because of their machismo culture. Women, on the other hand, seem to have had enough of that. So, they would rather marry a man with a kind heart than the one with a big temper.

Eastern Europe: a lot of men looking for something less hot and exotic prefer Eastern European brides. Most of these ladies are elegant and sophisticated, have excellent education and impressive jobs, and can become amazing wives to any man looking for an equal partner in life. At the same time, they are not overly obsessed with feminism and emancipation and have no problem taking care of the traditionally female roles. Recently, Russia was one of the top destinations in this region. Today, however, most men seem to focus their attention on its immediate neighbors — particularly, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.

As for the reasons why these astonishing ladies join dating services, we would point out an unjust demographic ratio in the region. Even though Eastern Europe has had more than enough time to recover from the devastation of WWII economically, former men loss still takes its toll. In most Eastern European countries, women outnumber men, and it will take some time before this ratio evens out. So, this might be your perfect chance to steal some of these gorgeous beauties for yourself.

Asia: once again, a very vast and highly popular region. A lot of men are looking for an Asian wife because they want more exotics in life. Others appreciate their unusual culture and traditions. Some are simply looking for a bride brought up in a patriarchal environment, hoping such a bride will make their lives harmonious and conflict-free. And, usually — they get exactly what they want. Especially if they marry a woman from China, which seems to become not only the largest supplier of goods but also the most prominent region for meeting Asian brides.

If you wonder why Asian singles may be interested in finding foreign husbands, we must refer to the patriarchal environment once again. Most of these women are looking for a bit more respect than they can ever hope to find with their local matches. Some others are trying to fight the traditions of prearranged marriages — which are still common in some Asian countries.

Of course, these regions, no matter how vast, are just the tip of the iceberg. A determined man can find a wife anywhere — in Australia, Canada, Western Europe, even Africa (if that is your heart’s desire). So, we suggest figuring out your destination — at least approximately. This should help you narrow down your search and choose platforms that can satisfy your particular needs.

We, in the meantime, will try to paint a brief psychological picture of a woman using mail order brides services.

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What to expect from mail order brides: some general insight

Of course, as a reasonable gentleman, you should understand that it’s impossible to paint a standard, generic picture of a mail order bride. There are too many regions and countries, and all of them have diverse traditions and cultural peculiarities. It is, however, possible to describe a woman who is ready marry to marry a foreigner — more or less, at least. Most of the time, a psychological profile will go as follows:

  • Traditional family values. It’s not a far fetch to assume that a woman looking for a husband shares a quite traditional family mindset. Most likely, she wants to start a family of her own because social stereotypes in her local country imply that a woman cannot be fulfilled unless she has a family of her own. This is, perhaps, one of the rare examples when stereotypes are not such a bad thing. Also, most women who share this mindset will unlikely have any problem taking care of the traditional female duties, such as cooking, cleaning the house, running different errands, and taking care of the children.
  • Desire to dedicate herself to the family. Another thing most online brides will have in common is the desire to dedicate themselves to their new families. Very few women join marriage sites just for the sake of getting married. Most of them want someone to care about, so their future husbands and children will enjoy all the attention they will ever need. It’s not uncommon for a woman like this to combine work and family duties. However, very few of them are ready to prioritize careers over families.
  • Open minds and adventurous spirits. Even though your prospective bride will usually have some cultural, local stereotypes of her own, let’s agree: it takes a rebel to move abroad and start a new life from a blank page. So, most online brides are not afraid of a challenge and have special courage only women can have. We assume part of this courage comes from their innate curious and adventurous spirits. This, of course, is a debatable statement. What truly matters is their desire to uproot their lives and start a lasting, nuclear family with a suitable man.

We should once again stress that this is but a generic picture. Even women within the same country can be drastically different, so take the above description critically. The most important thing when using international dating services is having a clear picture of your perfect wife in mind. When you do, finding a woman like this will go much quicker and easier.

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Choosing a great dating agency: points to consider

We assume that by now you have at least some general idea on where your perfect bride may be. If you do not, this question should be your top priority at the moment. After all, no dating platform can cover the entire globe. So, if you cannot decide on a particular country, you should consider a larger geographic area that appeals to you.

But, even after defining a particular country or continent, you will still see that there is plenty of competition in the niche. The only exception to this rule is choosing a small, poorly populated country with little to zero online exposure. In such a case, there could be just one or two services dealing with its local brides. Still, most gentlemen choose larger areas for their brides hunt, and you would be wise to do the same. After all, there is no point registering with an unpopular website that does not have too many brides to choose from.

So, here are some other questions you’ll need to ask yourself to bookmark the best dating platforms (for you, personally):

Do you have any other criteria for your perfect match, aside ethnicity? When choosing a larger area for brides hunting, the number of totally legitimate dating platforms may be overwhelming. If you want to narrow down your search options, we suggest painting a clearer picture of your perfect bride. Some sites, for example, are populated by young users in their twenties. Some others cater to older, 45+ demographics. The vast majority of them, however, deals with people in their thirties. Besides, age is not the only criteria to focus on: many platforms target users by jobs and education, desire to have kids, habits, etc. You just have to consider your perfect niche.

How much money are you going to spend and how exactly would you like to pay? Billing logic may also be quite different from one site to another. Some sites are affordable, while others are pretty pricey. You will surely want to spend less money, and it’s only logical. Still, the actual subscription cost should not be your primary concern. First of all, not all sites run on a subscription basis. Some charge clients for every service used, so your monthly bill may differ. Plenty of other sites offer fixed-price subscriptions on communication means and per-credit, flexible system on extra services not included in monthly subscriptions. Such services usually include gifts, translation, anonymous browsing, dating consultations, etc.

Which means of communication do you prefer? Most dating services out there offer a variety of communication means — from emails to video calls. However, most sites seem to have a ‘preferred’ communication option. For example, letters can be cheap, and calls can be very expensive. The reverse is also possible, so think about communication options you’re comfortable with and search for a site that offers a ‘comfortable’ price tag on those options.

Will you need assistance with travel and marriage arrangements? It may seem too early to think about this, but in this particular case — the earlier, the better. Not every platform can help gentlemen plan and book a trip to a foreign country. And, of course, not every agency can offer help with obtaining all documents required for marriage. Both can be quite troublesome and time-consuming. So, we suggest you look for a bride on websites that offer 100% assistance on any dating stage. You may not need their services when you get to that point in life. Still, it’s good to know you can hire more help for an additional cost.

Answers to all of these questions will surely help you shortlist a couple of mail order brides services, tailored to your preferences and expectations. The more specific you are, the higher the chances of finding just one solid dating agency that meets your requirements. And that’s always a good thing because we all know how overwhelming multiple choices can get.

The final tip when dating online would be to stay proactive. Try to meet as many hot brides as you possibly can — especially, in the first months of using the service. Most men need at least ten months to find their perfect match, so there is nothing wrong with having multiple matches at a time. When you meet your perfect bride, you’ll know. In the meantime, try to have fun!

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