Fabulous facts about Indian brides

We are super sure that before getting to the searches of hot Indian women, you would like to find out more about their culture, habits, characters, and cuisine. In today’s article, we are going to give you such pieces of knowledge.

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Facts about Indian women

Below, we are considering some thrilling, non-trivial, and interesting facts about India and its population.

 Yoga was invented in India

Yoga, which was invented in India, is older than most religions of the world, accounting for 5 thousand years. It is not only alive today but its popularity grows with the development of the Internet and many idle people who seek some alternative to sports or running, which consumes a lower amount of energy during engaging into, choose yoga. Well, many sexy Indian women are also adepts of yoga and that makes them slim and full of youthful energy even in older age. You could love it, too.

 Names for math values

India has own names for mathematical values:

¾  They call ‘10,000’ a lakh

¾  10 million is a crore – which is 100 lakhs

So don’t be wondering if some girl that you are chatting with through the dating site tells you that she earns 0.05 or 0.1 crores a year (which is 0.5-1 million rupees or 7,000 or 14,000 US dollars) – although it’s not good for an average American, this is actually an insanely high salary in India (which is usual for programmers). One rupee is roughly 0.014 US dollars, so, during the initial conversations with an Indian, you will constantly have to convert their funny lakhs and crores into usual thousands. Now you can at least a little understand the rage of the rest of the world when they have to convert from the US system of measures into metric one.

 The oldest continuous civilization

India is the world’s oldest continuous civilization – and a billionth-count nation knows it and cherishes every day. Also, in some people’s minds, the knowledge is still strong that India was the world’s richest country in the time of Christopher Columbus – before the reign of Great Britain over India. So many Indians (at least those more educated and civilized, like your possible future Indian mail order bride) are proud to be a part of such a saturated and reputable history. That’s why she has a lot of stories to tell about her country, deities, culture, cuisine, bygone wealth, and epic battles that reigned inside of the country throughout its entire history. You and your children will be thrilled to listen to these stories.

 Inventions done by Indians

India is a homeland to many things, which humanity uses every day: the game ‘Snakes and Ladders’, chess, buttons, shampoo, Pi math number, Marital Arts, yoga, marine and river navigation, surgery, anesthesia, mining of diamonds, the notion of zero (again, a math thing but also a philosophical concept), trigonometry, algebra (along with decimals, calculation rules, and other basics of modern math), industrial production and purification of sugar. As you can see, without the large minds of ancient India, many modern things would not exist or would have been invented much later. So it is highly likely that your Indian mail order bride will play ‘Snakes and Ladders’ or chess with you and your children, with high delight. Oh, by the way, it was more than just a game to entertain people when it has originated – as ladders represented virtues and snakes represented sins, which means that goodness leads people to heaven while sins lead back, to the cycle of rebirth. Eventually, people should lead an un-sinful life to reach the shiny top of Nirvana – and they will, as soon as they understand it.

 Children in a family

You coincide with girl’s desires if you want to have children. Children are one of the main things, to which Indians of both genders strive to. You are going to be thrilled with her passion for conceiving kids, carrying them, giving birth to, raising, and taking care of generally. If you were not able to have children with any woman from your circle (and thinking about switching to some other woman out of your country), then the first lady you should try conceiving children with is an Indian woman. As there are 2.65 children per 1 fertile woman on average in the country, you can perfectly count on 2-4 children. Without at least 2 kids in 1 family, your Indian wife may not feel happy enough.

 Home to openness

India is also a home for a village without doors – so people completely trust each other and have nothing to hide. Such openness towards other people is not a rarity in India – so Indian mail order brides can be not aware that it is not practiced in your country. So, yes, teaching an adult person to lock the door can be a surprising opening for you.

 Movie-making industry

Hollywood does not produce that many movies as Bollywood – Indian Hollywood. Also, Nollywood in Nigeria is the world’s second-largest output portal. Hollywood is only the third-largest (in numbers of movies, not earnings on them). Although, indeed, Hollywood gave names to other film production centers in the world. It means that if your future Indian wife is not employed in the movie industry, she must be a lover of watching movies and soaps. She will chat a lot about screen heroes, so you will know the intricacies of another soap she is watching now. If you don’t have a better topic of conversation, this might be the one that brings you closer.

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Myths about Indian ladies

Let’s consider some myths about Indian mail order brides.

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They are stupid and passive

Well, when it comes to the country in general, then only 40% of women are literal and 80% of the female population lives in traditional families supporting house chores and raising kids. But not all. The rest make the active population – at least, the biggest part registered on dating sites.

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Everything that is connected to cows is sacred

Well, no. Only cows themselves are – so they aren’t slaughtered to become food. But they are a rich source of milk, which Indians love and drink more than in any other country per capita. Your beautiful Indian woman worships cows but also uses them.

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All Indians speak one language – Indian

Such a thing may only come from the mouth of a very stupid person, as India has 22 official languages (and 15 of them are popular the most) and over 1,000 dialects. Also, nearly half of the literal population speaks fluent English – and India takes #2 amongst countries in the number of English language speakers (after the US) based on the number of people speaking it in gross. Your wife shall not have problems when speaking with you. At worst, she’ll have to learn it better but not from scratch.

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Why single Indian women are so appealing to foreigners

Below, we are considering the reasons why hot Indian brides seem appealing to many:

1) Humbleness. Many single Indian mail order brides and their parents stick to traditional views at the role of a woman in a family and society: she has to be a keeper of a family fire, make coziness at home, cook, clean, do the laundry, and take care of children. Many men of the West completely agree with this role of their future wife – and this is a frequent reason why they can’t meet a legal wife in their native land – not too many modern women today agree with traditional outlooks at their family role. Increasingly more of them don’t want to marry at all. What do men do under these circumstances? Obviously, seek wives from abroad – in this case, Indian brides for sale.

2) Crowdedness and hate towards women. Indians live in an over-populated country, where they do not have too many rights and have too little space to dwell. A lot of modern girls (especially ones living in cities) don’t want to live in a country, where women and girls are killed, raped, beaten, and even burnt by men simply because they are women – and considered pieces of flesh without any human rights. Increasingly more women try to escape spending life in a country, where they are not considered human beings. If you take a girl from India to live with her in your Western country, she will be super grateful to you and will make your life heaven in exchange.

3) Exotic appearance. Many women of foreign countries have it but not all of them are really pretty along with that. India is a country, a girl from which is able to be a better wife to you that a Thai, Filipina, Lao or akin – because an average Indian mail order bride knows English, has whiter skin, more well-educated, prettier, and is going to be integrated into high-developed society with bigger ease. In this, only South Korean girls excel.

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Why you should meet and marry an Indian woman?

A woman of India will do the entire range of house chores: cooking, laundry, cleaning, gardening, taking care of children and pets, and create general house comfort and coziness. She agrees to the classic role of a woman in a house and family, so will not question or doubt (at least, aloud) the decisions and opinion of her husband. Finally, she wants to have children – and they are going to be adorable mulattos.

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Why dating a bride from India is a well-thought decision for a Western man

Let’s consider additional facts that will make you consider Indian brides for marriage:

1) Her religion is definitely different from the popular religions of the West. No matter what she sticks to, the list of gods in that religion can be endless (Vishnu and Shiva are only the top of the top). So, this is a chance for you to enrich your personal view of life through the prism of getting to know another religion.

2) She, as nearly any other person in India, is obsessed with foreign countries and people and always treat them nicely (except some minor exclusions, which are not the rule). That will be manifested in cherishing you even more than if you would be simply her husband.

3) As well as many Americans, Indian mail order brides are in love with local movie stars (and it will be so towards the Hollywood stars when she moves to your country). You can share this admiration of hers and have many hundreds of fulfilled hours of chats on this topic, which can easily bring you closer.

4) India is one of the youngest countries in the world – by the age of its citizens. Half of the population is under 25. So your Indian mail order bride is likely to be young, too – more than half of all ladies registered on dating sites are under 25 – just because they think that people become old after this age.

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Discover more facts about women from India

  •   Spicy food – if you love spiciness, you adore Indian food. If not – well, you’ve gotta deal with your future wife to make a food paler.
  •     Tea also comes from India. So consider tea an inseparable part of every meal with your spouse from India. And she’s got to know many ways of making it (and maybe some beverages based on tea).
  •     Healthier eating. Most Indian mail order brides are vegetarians or vegans. However, coming to your country, they may start eating meat because they now will have more money to spend on it (thanks to a wealthy husband – you). But you will always have a lot of vegetables and fruits on your table.
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Comparison of Indians with wives from the West

While Indian mail order brides eager to create home coziness, Western ladies strive to realize selves and self-express through job achievements. An increasingly bigger part of women of the West does not even think about family before they are 40 – because they consider it boring to devote the entire self to a family. When a man of the West cannot find a wife to be engaged in house chores instead of continuous work, he resorts to Indian mail order brides (amongst the brides from other nations and countries).

You will have diversity in everything with an Indian wife: in appearance, habits, cuisine, tastes, and even smell – a girl from India has these all completely differing from these in a woman among your locals. If you cannot or don’t want to travel to other countries to get into a deep touch with their culture, the best solution is to have a wife from that country. The more she differs from you, the bigger “cultural shock” you are going to experience.

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The most awesome Indian dating websites that you can find on the web

Let’s now look where you can find a lovely wife amongst the Indian mail order brides. Those sites below were carefully selected during long days of searches, tries, attempts, and failures. Eventually, we can now tell that those four Indian women dating websites below are the ones, which meet online users’ needs – if they want to find an Indian bride for real.

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The most legitimate mail order bride sites


  1. Asianbeautydating.com
  2. Charmcupid.com
  3. Findhotsingle.com

What is good about those four Indian brides agency’ websites? First of all, we’d like to mention a high reply rate. It is the indicator, which shows the ratio between the number of chats and letters all people sent to other people on this site and the number of those that are eventually responded. On the mentioned websites, the reply rate is between 83% and 93%, so 8-9 letters and chats that you initiate will be replied.

Another important aspect is the number of girls online. There are at least hundreds of them and at most a few thousand – so it is proper to chat with those who are online, not to wait until some girl comes online from offline. Contacting those who are online largely increases your chances to be heard, increasing the effectiveness of the outcome.

User rating. It is as high as 8 or 9 stars out of 10. Users of those websites estimate their user experience based on a number of criteria: like the ease of registration and chatting, the beauty of ladies and truthfulness of their profiles, availability of a mobile app, and other features they consider important.

The number of girls on those websites is high – tens of thousands on each (we believe that taken together, the combined number of profiles of ladies is over 100,000 people). That is a fat chance to find at least someone.

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Indian wives vs other wives: the final verdict

If to compare Indian women to the ones from the ‘white’ world, they are definitely winners – in terms of what suits western men the most. They are ready to do all house chores; they are great cooks and have an interesting culture. Also, they got used to work hard and put their husbands above all, making him nearly a god. That is what you definitely cannot miss as a good match for a low cost.

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